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8 - I'm looking for houses to rent on Lake Garda: can you help me?

Maybe you have a house on Lake Garda; or you are considering buying one; or you have a friend who does. These are houses that are used only one month a year (or even less), expensive to maintain and difficult to manage (also because of the distance). Renting it out to tourists would be a good way to pay back the expenses or, even better, to make a profit. But it is a difficult decision to make because nobody likes the idea of handing over their house to strangers. And it's not easy to find someone you can trust to take care of the management and all the associated problems.

What if you had someone with experience in flat management? Who knows the place? Who you may already know (because you have been a guest or a friend of yours)? And has a good reputation that you can check at any time?

Maybe you think that a person with this identikit does not exist. But what if she does exsist?

The paradox of being good at my job

There always comes a time when you feel the need to stop and take stock.

You have done your best; you have learned from your mistakes; you have grown or developed professionally. And all of a sudden you realize that what was good before - when you were just starting out and needed to gain experience - is now too small for you.

When you become good or good at something, you also become more demanding: you look back, look at how far you have come and think that it is time to get more out of your work.

Not out of ambition, but to help people better and better to reach their goal. Those people who already trust you and appreciate your work.

I am at this crossroads.

My facilities - in particular Residence Virgilio - are increasingly sought after, the reviews are excellent, guests arrive without going through the aggregator sites thanks to word of mouth and often return. In the last three years (including the Covid black year) I have recorded a 33% increase. I have become an ace at finding customers!

I am reaping the benefits of my efforts. People not only trust me, they trust me to manage their holiday. They have seen that I don't just rent a flat, but that I make sure that every day of their stay is a cultural, gastronomic and sporting discovery.

I have built up a network of reliable partners who meet my quality standards, and I have experienced them first-hand. I know the Lake Garda area perfectly, its strengths and weaknesses, its traditions and its history.

That's why they consider me the best tourist office in the area: my advice is never superficial or approximate; if I say one thing, that's it.  

That's why, when they come back from an excursion, an experience, a restaurant or a museum, guests thank me: they have got exactly what they wanted (understanding what people really want is also an art that you can learn: you just need a little empathy...).

That's why I can solve any (and I mean any) problem (logistical, functional, touristic) quickly and effectively.

However, this has a paradoxical result: I receive booking requests that now exceed the number of flats available, so that I am forced to divert guests to the facilities of my colleagues.

This has been the case throughout the season: no vacancies (in the high season, of course). A shame, isn't it? Not so much because the result of my efforts has benefited others (I love my job and I'm happy to collaborate with other hosts), but because in this way I lose control of the situation and cannot guarantee certain standards of quality, which - I'm not going to deny it - are my pride and joy.

Do you understand? My reputation depends on it.

I need to double the number of flats: will you help me?

That's what I need: to double the number of flats so that I can meet all the requests I get and not be forced to say: sorry, I have no room.

Yes, but how? I can't buy them (too expensive) and I certainly can't build them (there's already enough cement...). On the other hand, Lake Garda is full of second homes, which are closed for many months of the year.

The owners have to bear considerable management costs (taxes, maintenance, breakdowns to be repaired) and some of them let themselves be tempted to rent illegally, risking heavy fines (the municipalities, increasingly hungry for money, have increased controls). Not to mention emergencies such as the one at Covid: who guarantees proper cleaning and sanitation?

Here's the idea: I'd like to be a property manager, i.e. a manager of holiday homes.

From a practical point of view, not much would change for me. First of all, thanks to the Internet, communicating with two thousand people or three thousand is exactly the same thing: a click is enough.

And then the management of a rented flat has no more secrets for me: it is (almost) a routine matter, thanks to my proven network of collaborators and partners.

But it would allow me to satisfy a larger number of people by diversifying my offer with proposals ranging from the cheapest (but always within my quality standards) to the most luxurious.

For his part, the owner would have the certainty of:

  • a guaranteed and protected home
  • peace and quiet, even from a distance
  • of an experienced, professional and helpful manager (who speaks the owner's language).

Would you like to help me out?

In order not to waste my skills and to guarantee a first-class service, I have decided to work in a limited area of Lake Garda, which corresponds to the municipalities of:

  • Gargnano
  • Toscolano Maderno
  • Gardone Riviera
  • Salò
  • Puegnago sul Garda
  • Polpenazze del Garda
  • Soiano del Lago
  • San felice del Benaco
  • Roè Volciano.

I'm looking for villas, parts of villas or flats, not necessarily in the centre, but also in the surrounding areas. The important thing is that they have a lake view. Better still if they have a swimming pool (much sought after especially by foreign tourists).

Are you interested? Will you help me by spreading the word?

In any case, I'll be waiting for you in my Residence Virgilio or in the B&B La Piccola Gardenia.

But remember to book in advance to avoid the risk of being sold out.


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