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6 - Golf, health, holidays: one Virgilio, many possibilities


If you love golf, on Lake Garda we have something to satisfy your desire.

Golf is so much on my mind that my property, Residence Virgilio, is among those selected by Italy4Golf , a tourist project that aims to connect players from all over the world with the beauties of Italy.

I am particularly proud of this partnership, which enhances the value of our territory and allows fans to enjoy this sport all year round (although I recommend practising it here in the autumn).

This combination - Golf - Residence Virgilio - is so successful that I am afraid that you, like the person in the photo, may be tempted to use the bed as a camp.

Well, I have to warn you that here at the Residence Virgilio you just can't do that!

For other things you only have to ask.

But let's get down to (more) serious business.

A chauffeur, please

If you follow my blog, you know that I feel fulfilled in my work when I can satisfy guests' deepest needs and desires, far beyond the simple and-over of “keys-visit-the-apartment-get-well”.

Hospitality, for me, is something more than this: it is relationship; it is understanding the needs of the individual person; it is listening.

This is why I wanted Residence Virgilio to be a completely barrier-free, eco-sustainable and human scale structure. Characteristics that make it perfect for those who want to spend a holiday with the whole family, but also for those who need a period of recovery of their health.

The Lake Garda area has this beautiful thing: like Liguria it has an enviable climate, but unlike Liguria it is pleasant even in winter; it does not have that sad aura like seaside resorts (I always say and I repeat: Lake Garda is magnificent out of season).

In addition, Gardone has two important rehabilitation facilities that are very popular and renowned.

So from September 2021 the offer of Residence Virgilio will be enriched with new services.

I have designed them expressly for those who need an additional stay in order to complete a cycle of medical treatment or are looking for a place to escape the rigours of the winter climate.

Extra services

Staying in one of the already super comfortable flats in the Residence you can request:

  • a private chef who prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner with local produce just for you
  • a chauffeur who will help you with your shopping, take you to the spa or you on your sightseeing tours
  • a cleaning service every other day
  • a personal trainer so you don't have to interrupt your treatment
  • a physiotherapist, osteopath, etc. with special agreements.

Not bad, right?

Then, if you ask me, I can also offer these very special services to you if you just want to enjoy a well-deserved "I don't want to think about anything" holiday.                                          (From September 2021, although...).

See you at Virgilio Residence.

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